Welcome to NICKJUDY.com!

Hi, I'm Nick Judy! I create custom digital and fantasy portraits for my clients, and this website is to showcase my digital art and photoshop manipulations.
scroll down to see examples of my work and find my contact information.

Photo Manipulations

The artwork in this section is what is know as photo manipulation. Basically, I start with a simple photo, and through the magic of photoshop, create it into a unique and fantastical piece of art. Click the thumbnails below to see a before and after comparison!

Digital Artwork

The art showcased below are digital paintings that I have done. Mostly created in photoshop, but I also use some 3d modeling to get the finished results!


Lets Create Something Together!

For more information, details on pricing, or to setup a photo session, you can call me at 724-309-8157, or send an email to art@nickjudy.com

Thanks for checking out my page!